Marz Summer 2016 5e Variant

Exterminator Needed

Party in the Ducts

Three Dwarves, three Elves and two Hobbits (in alphabetical order) entered the power ducts of magnetic accelerator station PT00572b of the Pavonis-Tithonium monorail following the worst transit catastrophe in the history of Marz.

Within a half hour of the derailment, more than half of the surviving travelers had been set upon and killed by a freak ant swarm of unprecedented violence. These unusual circumstances raise the death toll to nearly 300.

It is now believed that the accident was caused by the explosion of the power transformer at the magnetic accelerator station, the cause remaining unclear. A spokesperson for Tharsis Rail has denied conjectures that the system is under attack by separatist groups, while also dismissing as ridiculous the possibility that ants may have been responsible for the explosion, citing reduced support by local agencies and populations, and renewing calls for additional funding for long-term maintenance.


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