Marz Summer 2016 5e Variant

Pincer Attack!

Kiss Your Ant Goodnight Dept.

From the journal of GunmulGurnk, Military Psychiatrist:

The 22 surviving members of last month’s Pavonis-Tithonium catastrophe are recovering well and due for release with the exception of four members who exhibit disillusions and continue to insist that they have developed a psychic bond with what they claim to be ants of grotesquely immense proportions.

Several video hoaxes involving “ant people” or “Formians” have been circulating on Marznet, apparently the inspiration for the hysterical ravings of the four unfortunate patients who underwent traumatic loss of oxygen during their day-long entrapment in a service area following their devastating accident, which they were fortunate to survive.

They are scheduled to be relocated for further observation. Medical records have been classified and transferred to Marz Intelligence.


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